Gluugle is here!


Well it’s been a long time in the pipeline, but Gluugle is finally here!

We have been very busy beavering away and trying to find the best bloggers from across the country to add their favourite gluten free places. These founder members and their recommendations mean that Gluugle has content from the very beginning. But we want your input!

So what are your favourite gluten free places? Get adding! There will be competitions coming up for the top reviewers – so keep your eyes peeled.

Any thoughts? We’d love to know what you think! Send your feedback to

Don’t forget to follow @GluugleHQ on twitter for all the latest news.


2 thoughts on “Gluugle is here!

    • Please do add yourself to Gluugle! We ask that restaurants have a username that reflects they are the owners of the establishment, that they leave the star rating blank, and that in the review section you are transparent you are the owner and that you list only what gluten free products that you have.

      All the best,


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